Xiaomi GPX4021GL smart lighting Smart bulb 9 W White Wi-Fi

Xiaomi GPX4021GL smart lighting Smart bulb 9 W White Wi-Fi

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Optimized optical profile provides exceptionally even lighting in 16 million colorsN/AThe Mi LED Smart Bulb uses highly integrated color LEDs and an optimized optical profile for more evenly mixed lighting in gorgeous hues.N/AN/ABrilliant lights and vibrant colors fully customizableN/AIn Flow mode the lights are constantly changing color sparking emotion throughout the night. Preset your favorite smart modes on the app ideal personalized lighting for any scenario.N/AN/AAdjustable brightness and color temperature to cater to your daily needsN/ADaylight mode lets you freely adjust the Mi Light Bulb's brightness and color temperature. From bright cool white light to comfortable warm yellow light. Customize your lighting to suit any daily life scenarioN/AN/AVoice control is supported activate dazzling lighting with just a few wordsN/AThe Mi LED Smart Bulb supports voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Turn on the lights switch colors adjust the brightness and color temperature or turn on Smart Environment with just a few words.N/AN/ASmart control easy to operateN/AThe light bulb has a built-in Wi-Fi module that connects directly to the Mi Home/Xiaomi Home app through any Wi-Fi network without the need to set up a gateway. In just a few simple steps you can turn on Color Flow and Daylight modes as well as more in-depth settings such as timer and time delay to better personalize your Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential (White and Color) to suit your lifestyle.N/AN/AConnect to Mi smart devicesN/AConnecting to a gateway lets you link the Mi LED Smart Bulb Essential with other smart Mi devices such as the Mi Window and Door Sensor and set the light to turn on automaticallyN/Awhen you open the door. When connected to the Mi Motion Sensor the light will automatically turn on when motion is detected. Make your life easier and more colorful at the same time.N/AN/AAn eco-friendly choice with high efficiency lighting and low power consumptionN/AFeatures optimized electrical and optical profiles resulting in higher lighting efficiency and lower power consumption. Up to 950 lumens at 9 watts equivalent to a 69-watt conventional incandescent lamp. Mi LED Smart Bulb the new environmentally safe light bulb choice.N/AN/ADurable high-quality material with a battery life of 25000 hoursN/AThe Smart Bulb is lightweight with a flawless design and distributes heat evenly. The luminous polycarbonate surface has a high refraction index and high transparency casting a gentle yet bright light. With a 25000 hour battery life the battery will last 11.4 years if used for six hours a day.