Kally Sleep Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs - Charcoal Grey

Kally Sleep Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs - Charcoal Grey

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The Noise-cancelling ear plugs have been designed to help you get to sleep, and stay asleep. Many people have trouble falling asleep, often due to sound disturbances. Snoring partners, noisy neighbours, traffic and barking dogs are just a few of the main offenders. The patented shark-fin design provides triple sound insulation as well as superior comfort, and won’t fall out when lying sideways or turning over. The lightweight ear plugs are made from anti-bacterial, high-grade silicone and are completely skin-friendly. Although designed for sleep, these noise-reducing ear plugs can also be used to protect ears at concerts, for added focus during studying, whilst travelling and by people with severe sound sensitivity including autism. The noise-cancelling ear plugs are washable and come in a handy carry case, perfect for when you’re on the move. Lightweight and comfortable Durable silicone rubber Shark-fin design for triple sound insulation Reusable & washable 2.5cm x 3cm 3.5g


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