Salon System NaturaLASH - Individual Lash Remover 50ml (0225203)

Salon System NaturaLASH - Individual Lash Remover 50ml (0225203)

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Brand leaders and experts in professional beauty, Salon System deliver an exclusive and comprehensive range of exceptional products for beauty therapists, nail technicians, salons, customers and spas. Dedicated in our approach to research and new product development, our enduring philosophy is to develop products of exceptional quality that are easy to use with effective results. Salon System NaturaLASH Individual Lash Remover: The NaturaLASH Individual Lash Remover allows you to remove your individual eyelash extensions with ease. The eyelash remover dissolves the lash glue for effortless and painless removal. Gentle on your natural eyelashes and safe to use. NaturaLASH Individual Eyelashes Application: Apply a small amount of glue to the individual lash. Start applying the individual false eyelashes starting at the inner corner. Continue until you are pleased with the effect created and repeat on the other eye. Remember to clean your individual false eyelashes daily using a lash cleanser. Do not apply mascara to your individual false eyelashes, as it can create a clumpy look. NaturaLASH Individual Eyelashes Removal: Apply the Eyelash remover to a cotton pad. Place the soaked cotton pad on the eye and wait a few seconds for the glue to dissolve. Gently wipe off the excess glue and false eyelashes with the cotton pad.


  • Size: 50ml
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Gender: Female