Church Strett Foosball Table black,blue,brown,green

Church Strett Foosball Table black,blue,brown,green

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Freeport park table football game is designed to give you a stable machine that folds up and wheels away optimizing your space in any busy office or room. This durable table includes thick solid steel rods with an anti-rust chrome finish which will strongly resist bending. The table folds away easily and safely in seconds then wheels away to the most convenient spot. With its leg revelers, it doesn't matter if you put it back in exactly the same place to play you can adjust the legs to get the perfect level anywhere on your floor in moments ensuring an even and fair playing field for both teams. The cabinet is quality built the attention to detail in the design even goes so far as to place the ball collection hole near the collecting player instead of in the middle of the end. The sloped corners help keep the ball in play and keep up the fast and furious pace of the game. The table has a side-hole ball entry for more variety in kickoffs. At each end is a traditional abacus-style scoring mechanism. Extra-wide stable and sturdy legs. Strong steel anti-rust rods to better resist bending. Strong polyurethane plastic handles provide excellent grip. Sloped edges around the playing area to ensure fast play and no dead spots. This table comes with 2 quality balls care and maintenance care and maintenance of any table can make a significant difference to playing quality in the opinion of the more serious player and on this table it is very quick and easy to do. Cleaning the balls can restore much-lost precision to their roll and can reduce any random walks.


  • Size: 79.0 H X 287.0 W Cm
  • Material: Manufactured Wood