Veritas Bow Sander

Veritas Bow Sander

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For working on curved forms, these tools offer a simple, effective way to sand contoured surfaces evenly. There are few better ways of tackling the withers and rump of a rocking horse or the knee of a well-shaped cabriole leg. Designed to take a 50 × 915mm sanding belt, the bow keeps the abrasive tensioned firmly between two ends of a sturdy fibreglass bow. With no rigid backing, the belt flexes easily to conform to curves. Large knobs at either end let you use a comfortable 2-handed grip. The bow gives you an abrasive surface of 50mm by about 400mm. You can use any 50mm wide abrasive strip, in any grit, provided it is longer than about 600mm to allow for fixing. Using a strip allows you to adjust the abrasive tension, slightly shorter thus tighter for lightly curved surfaces, or longer for a more relaxed tension for pronounced contours. A belt however allows you to move it along as a section wears so you get full use of the abrasive. No tools are required to change the belt, so you can switch grits as needed to progress from shaping to final smoothing. Supplied with a 120 grit belt.